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Srinivasu asked 6 months ago

What is Kernel , what is the types of Kernel?

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AdminAdmin answered 6 months ago

What Is Kernel?

A kernel is a central component of an operating system. It acts as an interface between the user applications and the hardware. The sole aim of the kernel is to manage the communication between the software (user level applications) and the hardware (CPU, disk memory etc). The main tasks of the kernel are :

  • Process management
  • Device management
  • Memory management
  • Interrupt handling
  • I/O communication
  • File system…etc..

Types Of Kernels

Kernels may be classified mainly in two categories

  1. Monolithic Kernel
  2. Micro Kernel

Monolithic Kernel :- 

  • Clear Distinction between the user and kernel space.
  • User space normally cannot access the system hardware nor can it execute privileged instructions.
  • Using special entry points (provided by hardware), an application can enter the kernel mode from user space.
  • User space programs operate on a virtual address hence corruption of another application’s or the kernel’s memory avoided.
  • Support dynamic loading of separately compiled kernel modules or applications without bringing down the system

 Monolithic Kernel :-

  • Suited for processors having MMU/MMU less.
  • If CPU supports modes, the micro kernel is the only software executing at most privileged level (supervisor/kernel mode).
  • The microkernel makes use of a small OS that provides the very basic service (scheduling, interrupt handling, message passing)
  • And the rest of the kernel subsystem (file system, device drivers, networking stack) runs as applications in user space.
  • Must support well-defined APIs for communication with the OS as well as robust message-passing schemes.


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